Meet Tracy

Tracy’s childhood seemed like a typical one . . . happy times, teenage angst, parental divorce drama, new stepmom, sibling rivalry and trying to find her place both within her family and in the world.


These common childhood occurrences didn’t provide her with a compass or roadmap to regain her footing following the event in her 40’s that would shake her life to its foundations. 


You see, Tracy believed she was living the American dream. She had a partner she loved, had run their  successful company for over 20 years, and she was happy.


In what seemed like only seconds, it was gone. Her partner was unfaithful, and more, he managed to take the company. In the blink of an eye her security, career, livelihood and retirement . . . all gone. And, while the money and possessions could be replaced, the worst part of the betrayal was that it shattered her self-worth and confidence. It caused her to question the decisions she had made to bypass so many life experiences in order to keep her focus on the company and growing their business.


She woke up one day and realized that she did not recognize herself. She became profoundly aware that she was out of sync with her Soul, and so began the journey back to herself.


Now, five years later, she no longer calls that experience the worst time in her life.  Instead, she clearly sees it as absolutely the best one. Her spiritual journey led her back to being in touch with her Soul and into a new relationship with herself  .  .  .  her real Self!


Through listening to her Soul, her spiritual pathway guided her to energy healing where she discovered that she had a natural talent for working with energies. This then expanded into using her gifts in her work with others. 


Tracy now works with her clients to help them get in sync with their Souls and find their happy place; just like she did.

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