Tarot Card Reading 

Using tarot cards are a great way to connect to your Spirit Guides or higher self. They are a vehicle to deliver any and all messages you are seeking. The way I like to start a reading is to shuffle the cards until you tell me to stop. I will then do a "spread" (all spreads are different depending on what I am feeling at the time) according to how I am guided during your reading. I will interpret your cards and show each to you (Skype video session only). You will be amazed how in detail the cards can be. Once we have looked at your initial spread to see what "comes up", you will have time to ask any questions you like. I suggest you have your questions written down and ready so you get the most out of your session! You can any thing you like so think about any area in your life where you are experiencing a blockage. 


I use the Tarot of the Spirit deck for all readings.