Soul Language Identification

Why is knowing your Soul Language so Important?

Your Soul contains the agenda of why you are here and what you came to accomplish. Soul Language is the way you communicate that agenda.  It's how you think, speak, feel, relate to others, and express yourself in the world.  Essentially, it is the expression of your true self and your true essence. 


Soul Language is a conscious and tangible way to connect with your Soul and to the part of you that is the individualization of the Divine.  It provides a human connection to the knowing that you carry inside and allows you to access and receive true guidance from your Soul, without the filters of ego and body.


It helps you reduce the struggle of being human. It aides in the connection to both your intuition and to Source. Your Soul has all the knowledge of the Universe, so by using your Soul Language, you can, ultimately, tap into that knowledge for clarity and divine inspiration.


Your Soul contains the answers to your questions, and tapping into it allows you to be in the consciousness of the solution, not in the consciousness of the question.