BioField Healing Immersion®

All of the energetic patterns, traumas, memories, and thoughts that are held within the BioField can manifest in the body as pain and dis-ease.


These disrupted patterns can be released with BioField Healing Immersion®, a healing modality that works within the BioField to clear the trauma, thus allowing the body to heal itself.


The BioEnergy Healing modality works with the internal energetic field to heal and release traumas that are held within the spiritual body.


When the two modalities are combined, a practitioner has the ability to heal and clear both the internal and external energy that flows in and around the body.

What you can expect during a session.

The keys to BOTH Health AND dis-ease lies in the Biofield.

During our healing sessions we will begin the process of releasing disturbed information that shows up in your body, mind, emotions, and life, as dis-ease.


Each BioField Healing Immersion® and Energetic Strengthening session is customized for your specific needs.  Many people experience a vast alleviation of pain after just one session; however, a minimum of four sessions is recommended, for prolonged or permanent pain relief.  Even after years of painful living, many become completely pain free.

This is the most rapid way to heal and will give you a completely different understanding of how health and the healing process truly work.

During a treatment, you may feel the energy flowing through and around you.  This sensation may feel warm, cold and/or tingling, and you may experience emotional releases, as the energy works to remove blockages and restore natural flow.